Tracy golden sentences

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Tracy Xiaocui’s golden sentences: These are the golden words of life that have grown on me the more I’ve chewed on them.

  1. Solve big problem, earn big money; Solve no problem, earn no money.
  2. Do the right things repeatedly.
  3. How do you believe one can showcase the skills of comprehension and clear problem analysis?
    • An effective approach involves the ability to translate a project or task communicated in a chat log into a structured document using Excel.
  4. All things are one. When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.
  5. What’s Integrity?
    • More concerned about what is right,
    • Work to a high standard,
    • Character > capability,
    • Valuing strengths,
    • Not afraid to develop subordinates,
    • And never sacrificing others for personal gain.
  6. There is a god in the place
  7. Stay hungry stay foolish
  8. The greatest ability of an individual is to instill confidence in others.
  9. Inner saint, outer king: Your ability to control your inner self directly correlates with your ability to master external affairs.
  10. Leadership is about whether you can, and dare to, bring about positive changes in people and situations.
  11. Concentrate on doing one thing well
  12. Be strict with matters, warm with people.
  13. Work to a high standard
  14. Sincerity is more powerful than myriad skills.
  15. Dig one well, go ten thousand meters deep.
  16. Drill ten thousand meters in a 1cm radius.
  17. Create dimensions within your long board, attracting and gathering sparkling resources.
  18. The outstanding presentation of each of your works is a reservoir of your personal reputation.
  19. Throughout our lives, aren’t we just seeking a group of like-minded individuals?
  20. Before seeking, give first. The more you give, the more you receive.
  21. Planting Paulownia trees attracts phoenixes.
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