Hi, I am Tracy xiǎocuì

A ’90s Millennial

Factory Scion | Emerging Entrepreneur | Smart Curtain Legacy

Documenting the beauty of life, learning, and knowledge, sharing my life stories.

Here, you can follow along on my journey of growth and explore my knowledge notes.

About my story

I’m from Shenzhen, a ’90s generation girl and a second-generation entrepreneur. After graduating in 2015, I returned to my father’s well-established business. Our primary focus: Smart Curtains.

Back then, it wasn’t common for ’90s graduates to step into manufacturing, but I was one of the few who did. Over the years, I’ve embarked on the journey from 0 to 1, exploring the world of international trade. I’ve built an export team, opened new sales channels, and continuously expanded my expertise in both vertical and horizontal dimensions of work (organizational management, marketing, and efficient operations).

A Vertical industry expert with 9 years of experience in the smart curtain sector.
A Second-generation entrepreneur who has averaged 5-7 hours of sleep over the past 9 years.
An Eternal learner who believes in the pursuit of lifelong knowledge.

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Some of the latest updates


The road ahead is long and far-reaching, I will journey high and low in search.

Remember where you came from to reach where you’re going.

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