Work hard and study hard. Tonight, it’s all about relishing the freedom of my own post space!”

Ah hahaha, I had a very fulfilling week.
Work hard and study hard. So tonight, I can completely indulge in the freedom of my Post! (Recording life, hahaha)

After working continuously for 5 days and sleeping in the office (working until 1-2 am), followed by two days of consecutive classes, I spent a very rich and pleasant weekend of learning.

Pic 1⃣️: Had some work at the company on Saturday, delayed until after 4 pm to reach the center, then met Ting, Xiaoxi, and Xing. (Hahaha, I received messages from Xiaoxi and Xing early, asking if I had a share in the afternoon. Haha, I said no, no sharing)

Pic 2⃣️: Congratulations to Secretary Huang for winning first place. (While I was outside, I heard classmates from the Mingyue class tell me that they thought the secretary was good and voted for him.) Haha, the secretary even gave me his flowers! Haha, happy!

Pic 3⃣️: Then I met Yin Zhe, who came over to say hi, telling me he watches my live broadcasts, which are very healing. Ah hahaha, really? I would feel very warm and happy hearing that.

Pic 4⃣️: Unexpectedly received a handmade lighthouse gift from Jin Chen during his self-introduction. I love it because, if you’ve noticed, every article on my public account and blog has a concept of a lighthouse looking into the distance. And coincidentally, blue is the cultural color of our company. Haha, I really like it!

Pic 5⃣️: Ended the day by going to the singing bowl project in the parent-child swimming pool opened by Kaifan in Yifang City. I probably fell asleep within 3-5 minutes, sleeping very soundly.

Pic 6⃣️: Today I spent the whole day in class in Guangzhou and received super considerate care from the big warm guy Jian Sheng, who gave each of us a drink (one of the warm guy projects, haha). Look at his silhouette when he handed out the drinks, waving his sleeve without taking… Haha

Pic 7⃣️8⃣️: It turns out that even after growing up and graduating, you can still often take classes with friends you know from society. It’s such a good experience! Meeting frequently to create and learn together! And today I unexpectedly met friends from other foreign trade circles! No agreement, just appeared at the venue together! They are very friendly people, so happy! 🥳 Hahaha

Pic 9⃣️: Ah hahaha, I finally drove back to Shenzhen from Guangzhou!!

Smile微笑:  :) 🙂
Biggrin:   :D 😀
Sad:       :( 🙁
哇呜:      8O 😯
哼:       :? 😕
生气气:    :x 😡凶凶哟
Em...     :| 😐
眨眼       ;) 😉
LOL笑尿了   :lol: 😆
羞羞       :oops:  😳
哭哭委屈:  :cry: 😥
邪恶:     :evil: 👿
翻白眼     :roll: 🙄
好主意      :idea: 💡

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