There is a Spirit in The Place: Measuring Hundreds of Windows in Three Buildings in a Day

INAMORI KAZUO once said, “There is a spirit in the place”

INAMORI KAZUO once said, “There is a spirit in the place”. Today, I led a small team to measure the windows in three buildings. We went building by building, floor by floor, feeling the process of measuring all day long. Many insights and details were recorded.

Although our feet were exhausted, the freshly washed car was covered in dust, and even our hair had turned stiff, I still believe in that saying: “There is a Spirit in The Place.”
On the way back, I asked my assistant how she felt. It was her first time experiencing this, and I inquired if she was tired. She said, “Yes, it’s tiring, but the rewards are worth it.”
We measured the world, both with our feet and our minds.

In-depth research in one area

Haha, and here’s another thing: I’ve had this realization for a while now. Whether it’s pursuing a Master’s or a Ph.D., it all involves in-depth research and learning in a specific field. In a way, diving deep into a work field is a similar endeavor. Today, let’s consider it as if I’m conducting scientific research data in the realm of window curtain blinds and sunshades, working on projects and running tests. Hahaha!

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