Kenson + Tracy + Ben = Tsunami Brainstorming, a day guarded by two male deities.

Here’s the situation: Last week, out of the blue, I received a message from Ben saying he had a project coming to Guangdong this week. So, we scheduled a meeting.

After discussing it, we finalized the plan for a three-way collision meeting with Kenson, Tracy, and Ben!

I had been eagerly looking forward to this for days.

August 17, 2023: 10:30 AM, Tracy stood at the office doorway and turned her head. Not far from the entrance, a figure appeared, carrying a bunch of food and walking in. As soon as I saw him, I burst into a smile. It was Ben!

This was my first in-person meeting with Ben, but I felt an instant sense of closeness.

We received Yunnan fresh flower cakes that Ben had brought all the way from afar.

Listening to how Ben went through the ordeal of having his luggage searched at the airport (because it was oversized for the flight), and then carrying a bunch of gifts all the way to Guangdong, just to bring presents for us, his friends from Guangdong. (Even imagining the scene made me feel sympathetic.)

Ben said, “The importance of the friendship isn’t in the flower itself, but in the process of going through hardships to pick that flower. That process gives the flower 99% of its significance.”

Haha, yes, I wholeheartedly accepted this flower cake, which is full of such heartfelt sentiment.

Then, as we enjoyed our food and drinks and chatted, Kenson walked in through the door. Haha, Kenson!

We truly spent the entire day chatting about everything under the sun.

Two big boys making noise and laughter in the office.

At the sight of alphabet stickers, Ben’s creativity surged, and he put together “Kenson is cool.” (There was no letter ‘O,’ so he used ‘D’ as a substitute 😆)

You see, this is the new brand that Ben and I co-created—Currtain. Yes, it was born:

One on the left and one on the right, the protection of two great male gods—haha, today I was the little sister protected by two men~~

Afternoon’s stormy brainstorming session.

Haha, the sentiment and stubbornness of middle-aged men—how fitting.

The three of us kept colliding and diverging in all sorts of ways, caring less about themes and rhythms, just letting the conversation flow wherever it wanted to.

The most important thing is having you both by my side, which naturally gives me a sense of security and joy.

Our understanding and childlike playfulness, our ability to dive deep into shared topics at any moment (thanks to the accumulation of professional projects), it’s all so effortless and genuine.

Simple and pure.

In the evening, a dilemma arose whether to go for the Chaoshan beef hot pot suggested by Kenson or the steak suggested by Tracy. This left Ben in a bit of a predicament.

Haha, in the end, we chose to go to the Bahe Li Beef Chaoshan Hot Pot restaurant. Interestingly, every time I go there, it’s always with very close friends—never a coincidence. This time was no different, and I felt delighted by this kind of fateful connection. ❤

As Kenson had to catch the last high-speed train, he left a bit earlier.

After the hot pot dinner, Kenson had already departed to catch the last high-speed train.

Ben and I suddenly thought of visiting the nearby bookstore (Shenzhen Book City · Longgang City) for a stroll. However, when we arrived, the bookstore was about to close. So, we rushed in at the last moment and had to leave immediately.

But unexpectedly, I received a book from Ben right there—a book titled “The Alchemist.” He said that after our conversation, he felt like giving me this book.

Alright, I’m definitely going to read it!

Before leaving, we also visited a stationery store and I got two calligraphy brushes. Hehe, happy, I love it.

About the story of Ben, Kenson, and me:

During an event last September, the awesome Kenson kept recommending Ben to me, and I initially ignored Ben since I was young and didn’t pay much attention, focusing on another friend.

However, due to Kenson’s persistent recommendations, I finally listened to him attentively and suddenly realized I might have missed something important.

Later, after the event, I added Ben on WeChat and read his introduction. In that moment, it was like our hearts clicked together.

I liked this person, and I wanted him for my project.

Interesting and soulful, a sense of familiarity. This kind of heart connection can only be understood and not easily explained.

During the hot pot dinner, we also talked about how we both maintain a childlike innocence. This rarity is perhaps why we immediately got along and connected.

Big thanks to these two amazing guys, it was a day of continuous care. They’ve taken good care of me on regular days as well. Keep it up, guys!

This blog exists thanks to Ben and Kenson.

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